Philosophy and concept of the Mjasochka brand lie in memory

  Humanity does not remember lessons of the past and does not study in the present. Consume and conquer, bread and spectacles. Currently, only the lazy one does not talk about this. My philosophy seemed a little nonsense a few years ago.
I was born and live as a resource, like all of us. Having lived to a certain time, I realized that they were looking at me like at meat. The idea to hang it on the neck so that they would no longer identify came up at that time. Do you want meat – here it is.
But how to save the meat so that it is on you? To call to memory with a point of real flesh?
At that time, I got acquainted with the concept of plastination. I learned everything that I could in the Internet, including about Gunter von Hagens, the Institute for Plastination and the exhibition Worlds of the Body. I wrote a letter, in which I asked for plastinates for an art project. The Institute advised addressing the Schwaben Clinic, because they were not engaged in private orders, to prof. A. Repentinger. And I addressed.
Plastination is magic of memory given to us by science. That is why products with sapphire glass, each blank is grinded by hand. The memory is hasteless and I was in no hurry. And every time I was told again and again, “investors are not interested in it”, “this is not a business”, “well, if you would put flowers there”, “but you can spill resin on it and it will look good”, “who needs it in general”... I REMEMBERED. The project was implemented entirely at my own expense.
Here it comes! The first small collection.
Remember that the physical part of ourselves can be passed on to the great-grandchildren. But I started all this once for memory.
I saw a plastinated brain. It is good when it is for scientific research.
Look at bodies. Muscles. Remember that you are alive while your brain is alive. You are not meat. Meat can be saved physically in history, a person – only in memory.
Mjasochka Live now, use wisely. Immortalized
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